As a company that just started out as an idea, Deltacron technologies has grown into an international company with clients from all over the world. Deltacron technologies has expanded its client base from Ontario only, to places like Chile, USA, Rwanda, Kenya and many other places. Currently, the company is in the process of opening up permanent offices in the United States of America.

In East Africa, (Rwanda and Kenya) our team has been on the ground helping the rural communities by installing solar powered pumps for irrigation purposes. The communities have welcome this initiative as this has improved their agriculture productivity.

In Chile, parking lot roofs have been turned into “power plants” that feed into the main grid hence helping in the increase of power supply. Many rural homes that would not have had power for many years to come have been helped with solar energy that has powered these communities.



8kw Roof mounted – Ottawa

8Kw Net-Metering Install in Ottawa, ON. System powered by Canadian Solar Panel and a Sol-Ark Inverter
Systems allows the owner to backup essential loads...

7.6Kw Offgrid Install – Elgin ON

7.6Kw offgrid install. Battery Storage -920Ah at 48V. System Comes with Auto generator start embedded in the 12K Sol-Ark inverter. 12 - 450w bifacial solar panels producing 30% extra power from the back...

10kw Offgrid install – Lanark, ON

10 Kw offgrid system install in Lanark Ontario. 24 Bi-facial panels with a Sol-ark 12k inverter...