Solar Powered Coolers

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Our portable solar powered coolers gives you the freedom to bring your chilled drinks and food to anywhere you like, no-matter what the power situation in the area is.
The portable 25 litre cooler (grey) and its older sister 50 litre cooler (off black) have a temperature range of +10 to -20 degrees celsius. With their in-built custom made Samsung lithium batteries, they can work with no external power for up-to 12 hours on a single charge. This battery can be charged in 3 ways; 12V car charge, 120/220V wall charge and Solar power from its attached 100W solar panels. This feature alone, makes them the only cooler on the market that can run constantly in an area that completely has no grid power.
Made from recyclable material, these portable coolers come in at a gross weight of 10.6Kg and 12.1Kg gross and a net weight of 8.2Kg and 9.6Kg respectively! Their patent pending “Stand Alone” portable solar technology makes them second to non, as there is nothing like this on the market.
With these coolers, you can surely forget about the price of ice at the gas.

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