Win a 1Kw Off-grid Complete system! Free Free Free!

To encourage more people to go Solar, and also appreciate those that have already done so, We at Deltacron are giving away a 1Kw complete off-grid system. This system includes:
Inverter: 1.5Kw

Solar Panels : 4 X 250W rated

Controller: 24v/30amp

Battery Bank: 200Ah (2 x100Ah)

All Necessary Connection wires
How can you win this give away..?? Simple! Like/share our page on Facebook or Twitter then write to us telling us what changes you have made in your lifestyle to help save our environment. Elaborate on why those changes, no matter how small, will make a difference in helping maintaining a clean environment. (500 words max)
The winner will be published on our page together with their story. To find out more information, get in touch with us.
*This package does not include installation and/or Shipping cost. 

Let us go green together!

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